Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back again...Charmed, I'm sure!

I’m going to try getting this blog going again! I basically became over-whelmed in December when it felt like the entire focus of my blog was disability and illness. I don’t want to be a woman who identifies herself solely as disabled and ill since that’s not all that I am. Certainly I have insecurities and issues with being disabled and, even more, with being ill. While I was growing up, although I had a good and loving family, being disabled wasn’t seen by most of my family as a good or positive element of my life. I was taught not to embrace it but to distance myself from it as much as possible. I was taught that the ‘right’ kind of people wouldn’t like that I was disabled. I was also told there were many things I couldn’t do.

I have always wanted to speak out, scream even, against these kinds of beliefs and ideas. I’ve wanted to show people that, although I may be disabled and ill, I’m also much more than that: I’m intelligent, curious, interesting, fun, compassionate, occasionally quirky, I have a good sense of humor and more. I ‘d also like to help disabled and sick people struggling with similar anxieties and fears to conquer them. When I set this blog up, and started posting, it became a blog all about being disability and illness rather than a blog about the life of a woman who is disabled and ill. I began to worry about things such as, nobody is going to read this blog because I’m disabled, nobody wants to read about these kinds of issues and people tend to stay away from disabled and ill people, they don’t befriend the disabled and what did I think I could accomplish with this blog and so on. It was as if I became unable to blog about the rest of my life and how I filled my days. So I took a long break from this blog which barely got off the ground! I realize there are people who have issues about talking with, being around or spending time with people who have disabilities or are sick but there are plenty of people who don’t judge disability and illness. I sometimes wonder if I judge it in a way. If I do, I need to stop.

I’m going to try this blog one more time. It’s a work in progress so I’m not sure what each day will bring but this blog will be about my life. So I will talk about disability and illness to some degree, but also about books, cats, the flea market, music, movies, other people and issues and more. I’ll see how it goes, If you stop by, please say hello and tell me about yourself.

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Vicki said...

I visit your other blog, The House of the Seven Tails, from time to time, but think I've only been to this one once before.

My husband is a quadriplecic, having broke his neck in a diving accident, and I agree with everything you say about how people react to people with disabilities. It is getting better though, at least where we live. Instead of just staring, many people will now start a conversation with him about his wheelchair, or just say "hi, how are you doing".

To bad we live so far apart, my husband and I also love flea markets, music and movies. But unlike you, we only have one cat...and a dog and lots of fish.

I'll definitely be back to visit. Take care Amy!!