Friday, August 19, 2011

Amazing Gracie, the Two-Legged Kitten!!

I read this brief article about Gracie, the Two-Legged Kitten on I think Gracie is courageous, adorable, inspiring and fantastic! And this article speaks the truth loud and clear! This amazing disabled Kitten is making life work for her in a beautiful way!

Everything in the media emphasizes the strive for perfection. Do you have the perfect car? The perfect husband? The perfect body? Gracie the kitten, short for her full name “Amazing Grace,” is anything but perfect in the eyes of the world. She was born without front legs. But in her own mind, she IS perfect. She lives a perfect life and enjoys a perfect love with her owner. She’s learned to stand like a kangaroo and hop like a bunny, her perfect way to get around. The lesson from Gracie is that it’s up to us to define perfection. What a great lesson from a sweet little animal.

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Willoughby said...

She's just adorable! Go Gracie!